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Chicken Hunt by: ifelseDo you think it's easy to catch a chicken? Let's try. Catch the chickens and sell them to the truck driver. For each catch and delivered to the truck,...
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Brave Heart 2 by: annie499hThis funny game is an action game.You have three lives.Your mission is to destroy all enemies on the screen as quick as possible.If you have not k...
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Ironer B by: annie499hIroner B is half man, half machine.He works for a secretive organization.Now he came to an unkrown place where was full of new-age weapons and robots....
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Robs A Tomb Notes 1 by: firingtimeFifty years ago, a group of the Changsha soil pedant (thieves) to dig a Warring States silk manuscripts, incomplete article records the location of a ...
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Kung Fu Dog by: firingtimeOur lovely little dog, want to practice a kung fu martial arts masterpiece, the apprentice. After the nine nine eighty-one day retreat practice, allow...
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Little Monster by: firingtimeThe culture dish is getting smaller and smaller, The bacterial doors begin to swallow each other to win their own living space. Two mouth relative to ...
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Words Of Love by: sandrakimHi, my name is Barbara. I live in this small town where sometimes it feels like it’s forgotten in time. Because of that, a lot of people are mov...
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Spongebob Guarded Beach by: firingtime →←↑↓ move,A BoxingAttack,S FootAttack ,A+S Combined attack , P Pause
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Occupy The Cabin by: firingtimeBald strong in the forest and built cabins as a stronghold, convenient tree felling, bear bear two to capture it, stop the bald strong! p1:↑U...
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Jerrys Candy01 by: firingtimeThe day down the candy, the rat Jerry is simply too happy, is about to be ready to eat the big eat, the Tom cat has appeared!But Jerry is still very k...
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